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Sun may Youth like fire - chengdu central south beach hotel May 4th youth day activities

Date: 2015-01-01

The May 4th youth day, youth sun gives the earth's temperature.Everyone is changed into the bright orange green unlined upper garment, as if can immediately into the sunshine.Noon, the organization department are busy with the preparation of end, scoreboard drawing, preparation of prizes, audio debugging, the determination of the venue, item by item implement.
One point five PM 10, each department participating personnel and cheerleading is a venue in.Looking at lying on the rope in the middle of the field, we are manoeuvring, itch to try.Two points, the official start of the activity.The match referee by sujay help as always, in the beginning of the game, the host from the manager to warm the opening word.Then, cheng gao general manager explained the long history of the May 4th youth day for everyone, and young employees to the hotel the good hopes and wishes.Then, the host announced the format and PK group, and this makes people excited, have sent his opponent "provocative" heavy "challenged".
Two very, the official start of the game.The first group of players on both ends of the rope at the referee's command posts, each team in their respective nervously to discuss their tactics."Attention to the center of gravity must be steady!""The team are all boys, ah, victory hopeless.""Why are you still wear high heels!With the referee's command, we immediately quiet down, and only waiting for the final order.With a wave of his hand, "bi -" the red flag, whistle rang at last.Suddenly, chants, chants, a joint of drew passers-by stopped to watch.Look at the players of the game, both hands tightly holding the rope, to muster all his strength, red face, as if swear to pull the rope attached to the other team members together to their positions.Less than a minute, then identified the game.The front office of A1 group victory, that team members cheered for a while.Victory, however, with a price, the front office manager Tang Qingyun himself, there are three fingers to hang the color, make team members love dearly unceasingly, hurriedly brought band-aid has carried on the simple dressing.
Competition has been picking up, until the final "overlord", finally lead the first and second front office champion logistics department, won four hundred yuan and three hundred yuan respectively.Other teams also-ran though, each member has also had a souvenir.In the "money", well-deserved.
After more than an hour of "fighting", finally the perfect ending.The hot sun shine brightly and more orange green unlined upper garment, like all youth like fire.
We are the flowers in May, with youth age.We are the rising sun, lit with life in the future.We are a central south beach fresh blood, use it for hotel coruscate glorious life!