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Food culture enjoy high quality service - written in 2014, shenzhen nanshan food culture festival

Date: 2015-01-01

June 26, 2014, the nanshan district people's government jointly organized by tourism and city style 2014 shenzhen nanshan litchi cultural tourism festival at sea world grand opening, the litchi cultural tourism festival to "dream nan shan Dan li fragrance," as the theme, for a month, are held during tourism carnival, tesco in nanshan nanshan, delicious food, huimin 18 tourism, cultural activities and so on five big plate.The preparing of the chamber of commerce in nanshan hotel catering trade, active participation in the hotel restaurant, through food festival activities to show their own unique flavor and charm, the general public and tourists friends have actively participated in the nanshan food festival activities.
According to nanshan district economy promotion bureau chief introduction, this food festival activities is 2014 one of the important content of shenzhen nanshan litchi cultural tourism festival, relying on litchi cultural tourism festival this festival wide platform, by actively organize nanshan district nanshan hotel catering trade chamber of commerce on behalf of the hotel food and beverage enterprise CPC sunshine hotel, central south beach hotel, holiday inn donghua, new taoyuan hotel, seaview hotel, jinhui, sentosa hotel, green world, yue chao hui seafood chef, mullerian sichuan, a pot of days, a total of 16 units took part in the activity.The food festival is the topic of "nanshan on the tip of the tongue - and enjoy delicious", in the meantime, nanshan district hotels, restaurants and other food industry will launch a substantial discount activity, and benefits consumers, attract the general public friends to participate in, highlights activities is nanshan hotel catering trade chamber of commerce organizations to participate in enterprise unified issued "eat 100 minus 20" consumer vouchers, all in catering enterprises can be used in the food festival, which not only can benefit consumers, and can also be combined food culture, high quality service, for the enterprise publicity and image display, expand brand awareness to provide a big stage, lets the general public consumers feel the unique charm of nanshan diet characteristics.
Launch site, the five representatives hotel catering enterprises to promote activities, detailed introduces the characteristics of food and will launch preferential activities.Especially central south beach hotel restaurant in the east China sea, from various special ingredients for other specially developed much summer dishes, such as the south China sea salt production step of autumn eggplant, nanhai big drain tan edge of bitter melon, heyuan production reservoir suo bone fish, etc., made the market shrink bone fish, scooping up bitter melon, sardines steamed autumn eggplant characteristic ingredients such as characteristic practice of double special vegetable type, with cantonese morning tea, also made like mushroom bag, nostalgic pineapple bag and hakka Loeb board many characteristics, such as beauty, make customers enjoy sigh tea at the same time enjoy the beauty of fondle admiringly point food.